To comply with the new European Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple is introducing APIs and frameworks that allow developers to distribute apps independently of the App Store. One of the first alternatives will be AltStore. Developer Riley Testut showed how his version of the marketplace will look like.

Instead of relying on ads, paid downloads, or in-app purchases for monetization, AltStore will allow developers to use its own integration with Patreon, TechCrunch reports.

This monetization model does not include the traditional commission of 15% to 30% of sales that Apple currently takes. According to Apple’s rules in response to the DMA, alternative app stores will have to pay the giant €0.50 for each first installation, if the total number does not exceed 1 million per year.

This is a new scheme to generate revenue even from competitors, which Apple calls Core Technology Fee. It is not yet known whether this fee will remain in place, as the EU is investigating the case for non-compliance with antitrust laws.

AltStore will provide users with a list of all the rights and permissions that the app will request before installation.

AltStore is already available for those who want to test the app, but it will require jailbreaking the user’s iPhone. Alternatively, you can also install AltStore on a Mac or PC and provide AltStore with your Apple ID and password, and then update the app every seven days. Currently, only other apps from the same developer are available in the AltStore.

Testut notes that applications from the AltStore must be reviewed by Apple before being added to the page. AltStore is ready to launch, but Testut says he is waiting for final approval from Apple.