On Sunday, March 30, the finals of the first Counter-Strike 2 World Championship – PGL Major Copenhagen – took place. In the grand final, the Ukrainian team NAVI defeated FaZe Clan 2-1 and won the first place, earning $500 thousand.

It was the first NAVI major after the lineup change, which included 3 European players. Currently, the team consists of two Ukrainians, b1t and w0nderful, Lithuanian jL, Finn Aleksib and Romanian iM.

FaZe Clan took the second place in the tournament, earning $170 thousand, while Team Vitality and G2 Esports took the 3-4 places, each of which received $80 thousand.

In addition to a significant victory for the Ukrainian esports organization, PGL Major Copenhagen with Counter-Strike 2 also set a record for the number of viewers on Ukrainian-language broadcasts. A total of 137 thousand people watched the Maincast on Twitch and YouTube.