Discord CEO Jason Citron said that next week the app will introduce advertising integrations, according to The Wall Street Journal. It is reported that users will be able to disable them in the settings, and there will be no additional payment for this.

Advertising integrations will be called Sponsored Quests. These sponsored tasks will target users based on their gaming preferences, age, and geographic location, and will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

To receive a reward, users must stream a game by completing a game task from an advertiser while at least one friend is watching. Users who are watching their friends can complete their own quests at the same time.

Some users who received a description of the ads said that they look minimally intrusive and the need for them is understandable given that the platform is mostly free. Others are concerned that the ads will force people to pressure their friends to watch them.

For years, the company has been trying to turn its popularity into big profits. In 2021, Discord negotiated a sale to Microsoft for at least $10 billion. Later that year, the company was already valued at $15 billion.

Since then, many on Wall Street have been waiting for the startup’s initial public offering.