As part of the work on new game mechanics, Bandai Namco developers created three simple projects. Usually, such developments do not leave the walls of the studios, but the company decided to make the games public and give them away for free.

Doronko Wanko – play as a small fluffy Pomeranian Spitz. At your service is a large cleaned house and absolute and immense love from your mistress. You can do anything with the house, turn it into a garbage dump. You will not be punished for it anyway, because how can you be angry with such a handsome dog?

Boomeroad is a game that explains itself exhaustively by its name. You throw a boomerang and move on the rails it creates. The project offers to explore the mysterious ruins on an island that is frozen in the air and falling apart. It is likely that this mechanic will appear in some game in the future.

Nottolot is a game about a little robot named Rollie. He is able to hack other robots and use their skills to pass locations and solve puzzles. This is what you will have to do in the game.