A new app called Palmsy is an imitation of a social network where you can write about anything, add photos of yourself, and get likes, but the thing is that no one will see it but you. TechCrunch writes about it.

You can publish as many posts as you want. But you are sending these posts into the void. Developer Pat Nakajima said that no post ever leaves your device, and all likes are fake.

The app is free and available only on iOS.

Basically, Palmsy reads your contact list to like posts. The developer assures that it does not claim to have any confidential information of users. The application does not send anything to the server, and all information remains on one device.

«It can be fun to see Likes coming in from folks you haven’t thought about in years. It can also be useful in maybe deleting some contacts you might not need anymore, – Nakajima writes.

There are many apps that try to help reduce social media addiction. The least creative are those that simply limit the time spent on social media.

In 2018, former Google Reader product manager Jason Schellen launched Brizzly, a website that allows users to type anything into a text box and hit send. The posts don’t go anywhere, and they can’t even be viewed after they’re sent, but I guess “it feels good.”