The former director of the Chinese game studio Yoozoo Games was sentenced to death for the murder of the company’s founder. This was reported by NDTV.

Xu Yao, who was the CEO, poisoned Yoozoo Games founder Lin Qi over a dispute about how to run the business. Lin Qi died 10 days after the poisoning, and a few days later, police arrested Xu Yao. Yoozoo Games owns the rights to the movie adaptation of 3 Body Problem. Xu Yao, who headed Yoozoo’s subsidiary Three-Body Universe, discovered that his name was omitted from the announcement of the deal with Netflix.

The showrunners of Game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss worked on the series, and Lin Qi was listed as an executive producer.

Yao was unhappy that he was not mentioned in any way, which led him to plan Qi’s murder. Being a big fan of Breakign Bad, Yao set up a laboratory in Shanghai where he experimented with hundreds of toxins he bought on the dark web. He tested them on small animals.

These were first poisoned through a bottle of probiotic pills with poisonous pills that he and several of his colleagues were taking. Qi was hospitalized, but despite all medical attempts, he died 10 days later from a neurotoxin found in fugu fish.

The Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Xu Yao to death for the murder of Lin Qi and the poisoning of 4 other people.

Among other things, Lin Qi was also one of the richest men in China. He was ranked 870th among the richest entrepreneurs in China, with a net worth of 6.8 billion yuan (1 billion US dollars).