Some Microsoft customers complain that Copilot doesn’t work as well as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company says that users are simply using the tool incorrectly, writes Business Insider.

“Every time a customer starts using it, they start comparing it to ChatGPT and saying, ‘Aren’t you guys using the same technology?'”, says one Microsoft employee familiar with customer feedback.

The company says that people sometimes write bad tips for Copilot. It is about special instructions that allow to get the most out of AI models and chatbots. A new profession has even emerged for this new skill: a hint engineer.

The company calls Copilot a co-pilot, not an autopilot. That’s why they urge you to work with the tool. Its answer can be as good as the question asked.

“If you don’t ask the right question, it will still do its best to give you the right answer, and it can assume things,” explained Microsoft employee.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 has gained the most customers since the company made it publicly available in November. It is a version of the AI assistant that works together with a set of business applications such as Word, Outlook, and Teams.

According to Microsoft, the feedback on this tool is still mixed, but mostly positive.