The Kyiv-born Hollywood actress Ivanna Sakhno refused to play a Russian in a Netflix series and broke off contact with the streaming service. The actress spoke about this in an interview for TSN.

Back during the COVID-19 pandemic, the actress was cast as an American woman from the Soviet Union, but she turned down the role and was fined.

Ivanna Sakhno did not disclose the amount of the fine, but she said that she would have to pay 50% of her salary for her next role for Netflix.

“I had a moment, I was involved in a Netflix series. It was during the Covid. It was the role of a Russian woman. It was the role of an American woman, but she had a background from the Soviet Union. I was already attached to this project because at that time it was one of the first major roles in a major Netflix series. We didn’t start filming, we immediately closed on the covid. And I realized that I could not play a person, even from the Soviet Union. I canceled my contract with Netflix. I had some problems,” the actress said.

Born in Kyiv, Ivanna Sakhno first appeared in the Ukrainian sitcom Lesya + Roma and the biographical film Ivan Strong. In Hollywood, the actress got roles in the films Pacific Rim: Uprising, Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Spy Who Dumped Me and the thriller Let It Snow.

Ivanna’s most recent work includes the role of Shin Gati in the miniseries Ahsoka, a spinoff of the series Mandalorian about the eponymous character. Ivanna is also a UNITED24 ambassador.