Apple has filed a lawsuit against Andrew Aude, a former employee who, according to the company, violated a confidentiality agreement and labor laws by leaking confidential information to the media and employees of other technology companies, reports MacRumors.

Aude is accused of using an iPhone provided by the company to leak information about various Apple products, including the Journal app, product development policies, compliance strategies, employee numbers, and the Vision Pro augmented reality headset.

Using the Signal messenger, Andrew Aude communicated with a journalist from The Wall Street Journal, who told him about the then-unannounced Journal app. He also sent more than 10 thousand messages to a journalist from The Information, whom he even flew across the continent to meet.

Apple sues former employee for leaking information about Vision Pro

Apple claims that Aude’s actions were targeted at allegedly killing the products and features he shared with journalists. The leak led to at least five articles discussing the manufacturer’s confidential and proprietary information.

The company is now seeking compensatory and punitive damages in an amount to be determined during the trial, as well as other legal remedies.