Cities: Skylines 2 is off to a rocky start last year. After its launch in October, the game received a lot of criticism due to significant performance issues. The game had a lot of great ideas, but it definitely didn’t perform at its best.

The developers seemed to be able to improve the situation by releasing patches, but the release of the first DLC angered players again. The add-on has 96% negative reviews on Steam.

The Beach Real Estate expansion doesn’t offer anything new except new assets. The expansion doesn’t add any new features, but instead adds a promenade, a bunch of new buildings, six branded buildings, and four palm trees.

But there is some good news: the developers have added modification tools to the game, although only in beta mode. Players have the ability to create and share mods, but it is not yet possible to import assets into the game, which was an important part of the modding scene in the first game.

In addition, the publisher Paradox Interactive decided to use its own modding platform instead of Steam Workshop, which means a new system that players will have to get used to.