By planning the release of a series of updated Ryzen 5000XT chips, AMD is trying to maximize the relevance of its Socket AM4 desktop platform. Despite the main focus on solutions for the new AM5, the manufacturer is not going to ignore the long-lived platform that was introduced back in 2016.

Ryzen 5000XT new CPU line

At a recent AMD Advantage Club partner event in China, the company announced the arrival of the Ryzen 5000XT line of processors. There is no information on the specifications of future models, as well as the general composition of the series. However, if the upgrade follows the same scenario as the Ryzen 3000XT, we can expect the familiar Vermeer chips with 100-200 MHz higher operating frequencies.

The slightly lower price tags may make the XT models more attractive. At least, that’s how we would like to interpret the slogan “Attacking every price point” used at the presentation.

Although an additional 100-200 MHz when changing the name usually does not inspire potential buyers, we can recall that this difference was sometimes enough for competitors to classify processors as a “new” generation of CPUs. So we’re waiting for details about Ryzen 5000XT, but for now, let’s remind you what the current Ryzen 5000 chip lineup looks like.

Ryzen 5000 CPU specs
AMD Ryzen 5000 processor lineup