Rockstar reports that the development of GTA 6 is delayed, and the game’s release may even be postponed to 2026. Rockstar is forcing developers to return to their offices in order to release the project on time, Kotaku reports.

According to unconfirmed reports, Rockstar plans to release a new GTA in early 2025, but employees on condition of anonymity say that the development is far behind schedule.

For now, Rockstar is still aiming to release GTA 6 next spring. Postponing the game’s release date is seen as a kind of backup plan, if necessary.

Aftermath also reported that Rockstar employees fear that they will face another rework, which is not uncommon for the studio.

“I’ve been through a couple of projects, both of which had crunch. The first one was extremely difficult. I had way less gray hair back then. … We want to continue the strides we’ve made as a company to remove that toxic culture,” says an anonymous developer.

It is also reported that even if the game is postponed until 2026, this does not mean that employees who are forced to return to the office against their will will not have to overwork.