Metacritic, a website that collects reviews, ratings, and feedback on games, has published the top game publishers according to the rating of their games.

Publishers are ranked from worst to best based on a scoring system that is calculated according to the following factors: average Metascore for all games released in 2023; percentage of rated products with good reviews; percentage of rated products with bad reviews; number of “great” games.

We evaluated publishers that released at least 5 games in 2023, excluding mobile projects.

The first place was taken by the Japanese company Capcom, with an average score of 84.5 for games released by the publisher. In 2023, the publisher released an incredibly successful and highly praised remake of Resident Evil 4, which has an average score of 93. Other games with 90+ include Street Fighter and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

The second place was taken by Raw Fury, which did not release a single game with an average score above 83 in the previous year. Nevertheless, all of the publisher’s games were of a high standard, and not a single game received a score below 76. The most popular release of the publisher last year was Cassette Beasts.

Chorus Worldwide rounds out the top three finalists. The best game of the year for the publisher was A Space for the Unbound, which received an average score of 85.

In general, many more publishers, both well-known and not so well-known, made the Metacritic list, and below you can find the top 15:

  1. Capcom;
  2. Raw Fury;
  3. Chorus Worldwide;
  4. DANGER Entertainment;
  5. Annapurna Interactive;
  6. Nintendo;
  7. Aksys Games;
  8. Bethesda Softworks;
  9. SEGA;
  10. Thunderful;
  11. Devolver Digital;
  12. Playism;
  13. Sony;
  14. Gearbox;
  15. Microsoft.

The entire top list, which includes more than 40 publishers, is available on the Metacritic website.