The Sims, one of the most famous games in the world, is coming to the big screens, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Kate Herron, best known for directing the first season of Marvel’s Loki, has taken the director’s chair. Herron will also co-write the script with Bryony Redman.

The film will be produced by LuckyChap, headed by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josie McNamara and Sophia Kerr. LuckyChap is currently the most popular production company in Hollywood after the billion-dollar success of Barbie. Roy Lee and Miri Yoon from Vertigo Entertainment will also be involved in the production.

And, of course, Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, will also be involved in the creative and production process.

To some extent, Sims has similarities with Barbie. There is no real narrative in the game, and the characters live their own lives, albeit under the control of the players.

Roy Lee is known for creating a similarly complex adaptation of the LEGO movie franchise. These animated films have many spin-offs and have grossed hundreds of millions at the box office.