Artificial intelligence technologies are constantly evolving. The pace at which this is happening, as well as the uncertainty, worries many experts – they regularly warn about the possible danger to humanity from AI.

Of course, experts talk not only about potential risks, but also about the significant potential of artificial intelligence. The benefits of the technology are being demonstrated all the time – another such example was demonstrated by social network X.

Users uploaded a video showing one of the possible applications of ChatGPT. OpenAI’s chatbot translates a conversation between two men, Ruben and Andriy, who are discussing the peculiarities of Ukrainian cuisine.

Ruben, speaking in French, asks Andriy about the national dishes of Ukraine. The latter replies in Ukrainian and says that he does not eat meat and advises Ruben to try a vegetarian version of Ukrainian cuisine, such as borscht.

The interlocutor liked the idea and suggested making French vegetarian eclairs. ChatGPT successfully translated this conversation, which proved once again that AI can be a reliable assistant.