Google DeepMind presented TacticAI: an artificial intelligence system for developing tactics and calculating probable events during a match, including corner kicks, using predictive and generative AI.

Despite the limited amount of corner kick data, TacticAI achieves state-of-the-art results by using a geometric deep learning approach to help create more generalized models.

“We developed and evaluated TacticAI together with experts from Liverpool Football Club as part of a multi-year research collaboration. TacticAI’s suggestions were preferred by human expert raters 90% of the time over tactical setups seen in practice,” Google said in a statement.

TacticAI demonstrates the potential of AI assistive techniques to revolutionize sports for players, coaches, and fans. Sports like soccer are also a dynamic area for AI development.

The development of AI in sports can contribute to further progress in many areas, from computer games and robotics to traffic coordination.


The system allows coaches to choose alternative player placements for each situation and then evaluate the possible outcomes of such alternatives.

TacticAI can:

  • Predict the behavior of players when taking a corner kick;
  • Analyze and evaluate tested tactics;
  • Provide recommendations on how to correct the tried and tested tactics.