Songs of Silence, the upcoming strategy game from Chimera Entertainment, will be available on Steam in May, Eurogamer reports.

Songs of Silence is a 4X strategy game that combines turn-based kingdom management with fast-paced real-time battles. The game also looks great due to the use of an art nouveau style that you may have previously seen in Supergiant Games or the Banner Saga series.

Before entering early access, the game will undergo a Kickstarter campaign, which, according to Chimera, will allow fans to be involved in the development process, as well as provide additional funding to prepare the game for early access.

Songs of Silence’s Kickstarter campaign will start on March 26. An updated demo version of the game will also be available on that day. On May 23, the game will be released on Steam in early access. The release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is also scheduled for this year.