Unity released its annual Gaming Report, which revealed that 62% of all Unity projects use AI in one way or another.

Unity’s report is based on data from developers using the engine and tools, as well as a survey conducted by Cint in 2023 with 300 respondents.

It’s worth noting that this survey is likely more representative of smaller mobile projects that use Unity and are more likely to implement AI solutions.

71% of the studios that took part in the survey said that AI has improved the organization of work and reduced the time to launch a product.

The first place in terms of AI usage is occupied by improving character animation. Next is writing code, or at least speeding up the process. AI is also used to generate animations and levels, write texts, and automate testing.

Another area of AI application is world building, which is used by 56% of companies. Of these, 64% used AI to develop NPCs to populate worlds.

Unity’s report also says that 43% of the developers who are hesitant about AI are interested but don’t have the time, and 24% don’t have enough knowledge to use it. The remaining respondents either did not know that AI could help or did not know its purpose. Only three percent chose the “Other” option, which can be attributed to ethical considerations.

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