Anker has announced new wireless headphones focused on sleep, the Soundcore Sleep A20. They will go on sale on May 20 for $149.99, writes The Verge.

The company will also launch a Kickstarter campaign on April 16. Backers will be able to purchase the headphones for $89.99.

The A20s don’t have active noise cancellation, but instead feature Twin-Seal earbuds, which the company says block three times more noise than conventional silicone earbuds. They will also be able to play white noise from the already included library.

Soundcore Sleep A20

Since the Soundcore Sleep A20 is a sleep headphone, comfort should be a key feature, and Anker says the headphones will be comfortable even if users sleep on their side.

Compared to the previous generation, the A20s also offer a longer battery life. In white noise mode, the headphones will work for 14 hours, and with music playback – 10 hours. Together with the charging case, they will provide 80 hours of operation.

Other improvements include a built-in alarm clock that is designed to be heard only by users, an automatic monitoring function with sleep position tracking, and the ability to send a notification to the headphones if they are lost.