To the envy of Elon Musk: Figure AI’s humanoid robot can communicate and perform various tasks

Figure AI, a startup developing humanoid robots, presented a new video showing its achievements in this area. The company is implementing this project together with the tech giant OpenAI.

We are talking about a robot called Figure 01, which looks and moves like a human. One of its tasks is to perform dangerous work that humans cannot do. Another is to help reduce labor shortages.

Judging by the demo video, Figure AI is moving in the right direction. The video shows a robot that speaks human language. It carries on a conversation and interacts with humans.

In the video, Figure 01 is standing in front of a table with several objects – an apple and several plates and glasses. When the robot is asked to name what it sees, it does so correctly.

But Figure 01’s capabilities are not limited to this. He also correctly identifies an apple as a food when his interlocutor asks for something to eat.

In addition, it cleans up the garbage and places the dishes. And it does this not just with programmed movements – it turns the glass over when it puts it in the dryer and puts the plate back in its place correctly.

Of course, the Figure AI robot moves with a delay. But it is definitely impressive.

By the way, in the winter, Elon Musk’s Tesla showed a new generation of its humanoid robot Optimus. In the video, the movements of Optimus Gen 2, especially its upper body, attracted a lot of attention. Later, it became known that the robot learned to fold a T-shirt on a table. But it does not do this autonomously. So, Figure 01 is obviously superior to Optimus Gen 2 for now.