The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a research agency under the UK Ministry of Defense, showcased targets hit during a recent test of the advanced DragonFire laser air defense system.

The DragonFire combat laser is being developed by a consortium of leading military contractors such as MBDA UK, Leonardo, BAE Systems, QinetiQ and others on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defense. DragonFire has been in development since at least 2017, and the first tests took place in January 2024.

The specifications of DragonFire are classified, but it is a direct-range weapon designed to engage air and ballistic targets (drones, missiles, mortar shells). According to representatives of the UK Ministry of Defense, DragonFire is accurate enough to hit a £1 coin (23 mm in diameter) from a range of 1 km. The cost per shot is less than £10.

Among the targets shown by Dstl are a 120 mm mortar shell from a Soviet PM-43 mortar, an FPV drone, and a sheet of metal that is supposed to represent an airplane wing or missile body.