The Porsche 911 will soon become a hybrid. At least that’s what AUTOCAR magazine says, citing available information. Rumors of a Porsche 911 Hybrid have been circulating for several years, but now they are ready to become a reality. Along with the update of the Porsche 911 model, which will take place this summer.

It is expected that the updated Porsche 911 sports car with the designation 992.2 will receive a significantly changed front bumper, the side air intakes of which will be decorated with five vertical lines – this will immediately distinguish the updated model. New headlights with four distinctive LED elements, a new rear bumper and lights, and an updated interior are also expected.

However, the most important change will be the debut of the hybrid version of the Porsche 911 Hybrid, which will combine a gasoline engine to drive the rear wheels and an electric motor to drive the front wheels. Currently, the power of the hybrid is unknown, and the volume of the gasoline engine is unknown, but it is clear that it will be a 6-cylinder engine. This is an important clarification, as there have been rumors about the possibility of preparing a Porsche 911 Hybrid with a smaller 4-cylinder engine.

It is also known that it will not be a PHEV, but a conventional hybrid. After all, the design with a large battery could lead to a significant increase in the weight of the car, while it is very important for the Porsche 911 to maintain lightness. But wait for the official debut of the Porsche 911 Hybrid – and then we will know all the details about the new product.