Valve has chosen the time and location for the next Dota 2 World Championship, The International 2024.

The competition will take place at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen in September 2024. This time, 16 teams will be invited to participate in the final, not 20 as in previous years. The finalists will be announced after the qualifying games closer to the date of the tournament.

As a reminder, Valve refused to ban Russian esports players from participating in Dota 2 competitions. And the last The International in 2023 was won by the Russian team Team Spirit. The fact that two allegedly Ukrainian players play on the team only makes it worse.

Players’ interest in Dota 2 competitions continues to decline. After the record-breaking The International 2021, for which a record prize pool of $40 million was raised thanks to the players, the prize amount has dropped significantly. In 2022, $18.9 million was drawn, and in 2023, only $3.1 million. This is the smallest amount since The International 2014.

On the other hand, Dota 2 is still in the top 3 most popular Steam games with 700-800 thousand players online daily.