Recently, Apple released iOS 17.4, which brought a lot of useful changes to users in the European Union. Now the company is making additional changes, including the ability to download applications directly from the developer’s website.

Within a few months, the company will launch a Web Distribution feature that will allow authorized developers to distribute their applications directly from the site.

They will have access to APIs that simplify the distribution of applications from the Internet, integrate with system functions, backup and restore user applications, etc.

This will allow users to go to the developers’ website and download their apps directly from the browser – without having to go to the App Store or any other iOS app store.

At the same time, developers will have certain restrictions and obligations to Apple. Among them: the need to be in the Apple Developer Program as an organization registered or located in the EU, to offer only their own applications, to respond to the company’s requests regarding possible violations, to provide all information about what data will be collected and why, etc.

Browser downloads will also be subject to a core technology fee, where developers will have to pay €0.50 for each first installation if there are more than a million downloads in a year.

Another change will be the ability of developers to open stores with only their apps and services. Previously, Apple required developers to allow third parties to publish their apps in stores.

The company is also making changes to the ability of developers to provide alternative payment options. By directing users to complete a transaction for digital goods or services on an external website, developers can choose how to offer promotions, discounts, and other offers. Design templates from the company, optimized for key purchases and promotional occasions, will be optional.