American tech and media titans have been discussing the possibility of buying TikTok if ByteDance agrees to the sale. Among them is former Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. The Wall Street Journal reported this with reference to informed sources.

According to the publication, Bobby Kotick expressed interest in this to ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming. The former Activision Blizzard CEO is also looking for possible partners for a potential deal.

For example, at a dinner at the Allen & Co. event, he proposed the idea of a partnership to buy TikTok at the table where OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was sitting.

The publication notes that OpenAI could use TikTok to train its AI models if a partner like Kotick could raise capital for the acquisition.

As you know, a group of U.S. lawmakers recently introduced a bill that, if passed, would force Chinese Internet concern ByteDance to sell TikTok or lead to its ban in the United States.

After that, TikTok tried to enlist the support of American users and suggested that Americans call Congress over a possible ban in the United States.