Advent adventure Puzzles for Clef by Kyiv-based Weasel Token has finally been released on Steam.

Puzzles for Clef is a beautiful and peaceful game with cute characters. There are no dangers, enemies, or deaths in the game. The main character, Clef the rabbit, can leisurely explore the mysterious island, search for treasures and secrets, solve puzzles, and stop for a rest at any time.

The game has nine large and diverse locations, from a quiet bamboo forest to a luxurious airy palace, and dozens of different puzzles, sometimes quite challenging.

Puzzles for Clef has English and Ukrainian localizations and is being offered at a 10% discount for 292 UAH until March 20, 2024. Currently, the game has a perfect Steam rating of 100/100, but only 16 reviews. So support Ukrainian, play Ukrainian!