After Yuizu’s emulator shut down its operations following a lawsuit filed by Nintendo, other emulators of the company’s consoles began to refuse to continue working, The Verge reports.

Support for Citra, another emulator of another Nintendo console, but from the same developer, the 3DS, has also been discontinued.

The developer of both emulators, bunnei, left a tweet saying that he was leaving the emulation scene forever and thanked all users for understanding his decision.

Also, Drastic, an emulator from another developer and for another Nintendo DS console, has become free. The developer commented on this on his Discord server.

“I just changed the app on GPlay for free. I want to make it clear that I have no financial incentive, and that Nintendo’s move just made the whole process more urgent,” Exophase writes.

“I just changed the app on GPlay to free. I don’t intend to even have it on there for that much longer,” Exophase begins.

Meanwhile, the popular Discord server for Steam Deck has closed its emulation channel, writing:

“We are not equipped to deal with potential legal repercussions of hosting discussions on Yuzu or emulation at this time.”

The Steam Deck Discord says it was “bullied into a decision we’re against” but doesn’t say who the bullies were.

In addition, the GitHub page of the Ryujinx emulator, the most popular analog of Yuzu, posted a notification that its developer was leaving the project.

“I have been mostly inactive on the project for the past year and a half
apart from handling CI and reviews because of a lack of motivation and time,” commits marysaka.