Nick St. Pierre, the creative director of the generative neural network Midjourney, reported in his X that employees of Stability AI, another generative neural network, attacked the service in an attempt to download promo + image pairs. They used the scraping method.

Mr. Nick writes that the attack was carried out from two accounts registered with Stability AI. Due to the large number of requests, the service could not cope with the load and was down for almost a day.

Midjourney has restricted access to all accounts related to Stability AI.

Emad Mostaque, founder of Stability AI, responded to this and said that he couldn’t believe that only 2 accounts could put the service on hold for a day.

Mostaque said he was a big fan of Midjourney and invested in the project at the beginning of its development. Whoever did this was not a planned attack from Stability AI, but rather an unfortunate accident.

The company has already launched an internal investigation into the matter.

Many users also noted how ironic it is that Midjourney is the one complaining about data theft, to which Nick St. Pierre replies that it has led to the service’s inoperability, which is “not cool.”