A former member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard pleads guilty in the case of leaking classified Pentagon documents on Discord, reports Engadget.

We are talking about 22-year-old Jack Teixeira – he was accused of sharing classified documents on the Discord server at the end of 2022. The files contained large amounts of classified information about the war in Ukraine, including details about military aid.

In April last year, Jack Teixeira, who was 21 at the time, was arrested at his mother’s home in Massachusetts.

Initially, the former soldier did not admit his guilt, but on Monday he withdrew his statement and agreed to a plea deal with the investigation. He now faces up to 16 years in prison. If he had gone to trial and lost, he would have faced up to 60 years in prison.

Jack Teixeira pleaded guilty to all six counts of “intentionally storing and transmitting information of national defense significance” under the US Espionage Act. The court verdict in the case is expected to be announced in September this year.