A well-known YouTube blogger MrBeast urges video creators to forget about the format of super-fast videos. He cites his own experience over the past year, when views of his content increased, writes The Verge.

“This past year i’ve slowed down our videos, focused on story telling, let scenes breathe, yelled less, more personality, longer videos, etc. And our views have skyrocketed!” wrote a 25-year-old YouTuber on the X platform.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, went on to call on his YouTube colleagues to move away from the “era of super-fast pace and over-the-top content style.” According to him, this format doesn’t work.

MrBeast is known for his crazy videos like “I adopted EVERY dog in the dog shelter”. But now the YouTube star may be setting a new trend among video creators.

His channel currently has about 243 million subscribers.


  • Jimmy Donaldson started his YouTube channel in 2012 when he was 13 years old. Back then, he went by the nickname MrBeast6000. The first few years on the platform were not successful for his channel, which began to gain popularity in 2017 after his video “Counting to 100,000” went viral.
  • After his MrBeast channel began to gain popularity, Donaldson hired several childhood friends to co-manage the brand. As of 2023, the MrBeast team consists of more than 250 people, including Donaldson himself.
  • Donaldson is the founder of MrBeast Burger and Feastables, and co-founder of Team Trees, a fundraising campaign for the Arbor Day Foundation that has raised over $23 million for its campaigns, and Team Seas, a fundraising campaign for the Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup that has raised over $30 million.
  • Despite his active charity work and its coverage in his own videos, Donaldson is regularly criticized because his videos about serious issues are often entertaining. He was even accused of exploiting the topic of poverty for views.