Funcom presented a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMO Dune: Awakening and told more about the project, writes Game Informer.

So far, the game’s release date has not been announced, but it is known that Dune: Awakening will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The trailer also showed a few gameplay elements, including what seems to be a fairly advanced base building system, world exploration, and possible battles with sandworms that will be impossible to destroy.

The game will take place in an alternate time period that has nothing to do with the latest movie adaptations of the novel. At first, the player will have to look for shelter, resources, and, most importantly, water. However, as you progress, the political aspects of Dune will come to the fore.

One of the possible endgame options will be the accumulation of political power and the seizure of power, but the game will not be limited to this. The developers said that although the game was developed with an emphasis on political intrigue, they want players to have as wide a choice as possible.

For example, in the game, you can become a scout and draw up a map of the world, which can then be sold to other players. Another endgame option that Funcom mentions is the ability to become an architect and sell building blueprints.

“We took what we started with in Conan Exiles – our other survival game – we brought that over, then we started to add to it,” creative director Joel Bylos said in the Dune Direct. “We’ve now created a system for co-op building, where you can place out holograms, and other players can fill them in, so you work with your friends to build bases. You can also save your bases, like an architectural blueprint, that you can then sell to other players on the Exchange, or you can give to your friends if you make something cool.”

Dune: Awakening will also feature a variety of combat with the ability to use melee and ranged weapons, as well as learn special abilities, such as the voice of the Sisterhood of Bene Hesserit, which players can use to command others.