Continuing the theme of Ukrainian visual novels. Ruslan Ternox Salikov, who promotes this genre through the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam contests, summarized the results of the fourth festival of visual novels.

The best game of Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #4, which this time was themed “Echoes”, was recognized as a visual novel “Beware, the Doors are Closing!”, set in a mystical version of the Dnipro subway. The game won first place in 6 of the 7 categories of the contest: overall impression, idea, sound, visuals, text, and relevance to the theme.

“Have you ever taken the subway? Maybe you are afraid of the roar of an underground train that disappears into the blackness of the tunnels? Or maybe you are calmed by this space outside of time, where there is neither day nor night?

They say that at night, when the subway is closed, you can sometimes hear the sounds of a train. But it can’t be a train, because the last one has already passed, right? Besides, it’s just a sound. You can never see the train itself.

The superstitious workers say it’s a bad omen, and they try not to listen too closely at night. But not everyone seems to believe in it.

Do you?” the game description says.

The game has three different endings, but the developers warn that the game contains scenes of suicide and violence, and its main theme is death.

This time, 62 projects were submitted to the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #4. The full list of projects, sorted by overall impression, can be found on the contest results page. We hope that some of these visual novels will eventually be turned into full-fledged games and appear on Steam.

For each game submitted to the competition, Ruslan Salikov transferred 500 UAH to the Come Back Alive Foundation, meaning that Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #4 raised 31 thousand UAH for the needs of the Armed Forces, and this is not counting the prizes for 1st-5th places, which, if the developers wish, can also be transferred to the charity.