Spotify has added another subscription option. This time, it’s not about music, but about listening to audiobooks only, reports Engadget.

The subscription is currently available in the US and costs $10 per month. For this money, Spotify users can listen to 15 hours of audiobooks every month, choosing from 200 thousand titles in the library.

Last fall, Spotify gave Premium subscription holders 15 hours of free audiobooks per month. Then subscribers got access to audiobooks at no extra charge.

The cost of a premium subscription is $11 per month. However, after the introduction of this option, it was compared to the Audible service, which for $8 per month had no listening limit.

By the way, the number of active monthly Spotify users increased by 23% to 602 million in Q4 2023. The number of Premium subscribers, which account for the lion’s share of the company’s revenue, grew by 15% to 236 million in the period.