MiroWin, a Ukrainian studio that focuses mainly on VR games, has announced a cooperative horror game Bureau of Contacts in which players are pitted against ghosts and paranormal entities controlled by AI based on modern generative technologies.

The player or players, in Bureau of Contacts can be played by 1 to 4 people, act as agents of the bureau (Bureau of Contacts is almost like the Federal Bureau of Control from Control by Remedy Entertainment), making contact with paranormal entities and studying them. The game cycle includes successive stages of investigation and exorcism, the success of which depends on effective teamwork.

The developers call Bureau of Contacts the first game, at least in this genre, that will use generative artificial intelligence technologies. During months of experiments, the authors managed to make the neural network determine the behavior of opponents (ghosts) based on the actions and words of players, and even kill them based on what they did or said. Be careful – you are being heard, your actions are being evaluated, and your fate is being decided based on them.

AI acts as an invisible scriptwriter that determines the fate of players, the course and outcome of the game session. In addition, AI will even allow you to communicate with the ghost by voice. Generative technologies are also used to create a unique layout of locations for each game session.

The Bureau of Contacts already has a Steam page, so add it to your Wish List. The game’s release in Early Access is scheduled for June 2024. At this stage, the game does not have Ukrainian language support, and the studio plans to add it later.

Kyiv-based studio MiroWin was founded in 2017. It has already released 7 games on Steam, 6 of which are VR-only.