Google is launching three new features in Chrome to offer users more useful suggestions when searching. Some of them are intended for the desktop version of the browser, and some are designed for use on smartphones, reports Engadget.

First of all, desktop Chrome users will now receive additional search suggestions. These will be based on what other users have searched for.

Chrome will continue to remember your past searches and automatically suggest options for your search. But you’ll also see alternative suggestions from other people who have searched in the browser on the right.


Chrome users on iOS and Android will now see more images accompanying their search queries. Previously, Chrome would only show images in the address bar that were exactly relevant to a specific query. This is now changing and the browser will show images for broader search queries.


And finally, Chrome for iOS and Android will now have an optimization tool that allows users to search even when they have a poor network connection. Google did not specify how this works. But it did say that it was due to “improved capabilities on the device.”