Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI. In the lawsuit, the billionaire accuses the company of abandoning its mission to develop artificial intelligence that will benefit humanity, writes The Verge.

Musk also accuses OpenAI of turning its partnership with Microsoft into a subsidiary aimed at increasing profits.

According to him, such actions are a direct violation of the agreement between the company’s founders in 2015, one of whom was Musk himself.

He also cites the fact that the design of the GPT-4 model is kept in complete secrecy as a violation, and that this is due to a desire to make money, not security issues. He also said that the GPT-4 is already Microsoft’s property.

The lawsuit requires the company to return to its original mission, which is to develop artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity, not for the benefit of directors and Microsoft.

In 2023, Musk launched his own artificial intelligence company, xAI, and the Grok chatbot, which was available to X users with a premium subscription.