In case anyone doesn’t know, Mitsuoka is the company that makes the strangest childhood fantasies come true. And it has been doing so for more than half a century, on the occasion of which the Mitsuoka M55 concept car was built last fall.

In short, the Mitsuoka M55 concept is the body of the new Honda Civic with additional styling to resemble the Dodge Challenger. Namely, the “face” with round headlights, rear window overlays, a newly designed trunk lid and lights.

Inside, there are fewer changes. For example, a primitive sticker on the steering wheel with the name of the company Mitsuoka. However, the luxurious blue seats with spectacular perforations justify everything. Also, pay attention to the “mechanics” that make you wonder which version of the Honda Civic was used as the basis for the Mitsuoka M55.

We will probably find out for sure closer to the launch of the production version of the Mitsuoka M55. After all, the company representatives said that after the demonstration of the concept car, they received about 1,300 requests for the new product – so they decided to turn it from a concept into a real production car, even if it is a small-scale one!

However, for a small company like Mitsuoka, this will be a difficult task, so the process will last until 2025.