The Ukrainian company MacPaw will launch the Setapp app store on iOS in April. The store will be available in beta and only in the European Union.

“We are setting a new path for the software industry towards a better and more diverse app ecosystem. This will offer customers more choices and a better overall user experience,” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of MacPaw.

The beta version of the store will offer users an assortment of apps categorized by productivity, creativity, utilities to simplify everyday life, professional tools, and more.

“With Setapp our promise is simple: to offer software and tools that streamline your workflow, ignite your creativity, and amplify your impact. We carefully curate our collection, ensuring that every app, every feature, and every update aligns with our philosophy of meaningful efficiency,” noted in MacPaw.

Setapp, the app store from Ukraine's MacPaw, will be available on iOS in April

Now the company has already launched a waiting list, which can be joined on the official Setapp website.

Setapp is a subscription-based platform that offers users a collection of apps for Mac and iOS. The platform provides developers with the opportunity to receive remuneration based on app usage and market value.