Plazma Studio, a Ukrainian gaming company headquartered in Malta and working on the tactical VR strategy Expansion, hasn’t paid its employees for six months. This was reported by PlayUA, citing anonymous sources.

It is reported that the company’s management has not paid salaries for almost six months and constantly tells employees that all debts are about to be paid. In addition, the working conditions at the company are incredibly toxic, and the management is constantly organizing scandals.

Oksana Solopko, the studio’s general director, constantly postpones salary payments, arguing that the funds are delayed. If employees express their dissatisfaction, she suggests that they leave the company.

Plazma Studio has not paid employees for almost six months

Vladimir Sterkhov, the PO at Plazma Studio, according to again anonymous sources, often provokes conflicts and often gives tasks and edits that he cannot describe. When asked to clarify the terms of reference, he replies that it should be done beautifully.

In addition, he can start conflicts with employees who work on their own projects in their free time. Thus, one of the employees was fired the same day he shared his own work with his colleagues.

Nevertheless, on the official site of Plazma Studio, the company describes the working atmosphere as cozy and comfortable, which allows “to achieve high results doing what you love with passion and drive.”

So far, there have been no official comments from the studio’s representatives.