Finnish video game developer Remedy now owns the rights to 2019’s Control, as well as its upcoming sequel and multiplayer co-op spinoff Condor, Games reports.

The deal is worth 17 million euros, which is the amount 505 Games invested in the development of Control 2 and Condor. Remedy notes that due to certain receivables, the actual amount it will pay will be less.

“As part of Remedy’s long-term strategy to have more ownership over our business and the IPs we have created, we have gotten back all rights for Control and the in-development Condor and Control,” said Remedy CEO Tero Virtala.

Control was a hit for Remedy, selling over four million copies and saving the studio from financial ruin. The game also launched Remedy Connective, a unified universe in which the studio’s games take place.

The studio decided to buy back the rights to the game due to the strong interest of other publishers in Control 2 and Condor. However, the studio has not yet made a decision on a new publisher for the new games. The team is considering self-publishing its future games.

505 Games will remain the publisher of the original Control until December 31, 2024.

Who knows, perhaps Remedy’s long-term strategy involves buying out the rights to another of their games, Quantum Break, to combine it into a single fantasy universe.