A new trailer for the relaunch of Alone in the Dark with comments from the participants has been released.

The comments were made by David Harbour, the actor who “donated” his appearance to private detective Edward Carnby. Jodie Comer, who played the character of Emily Hartwood. The game’s scriptwriter and development director Mikael Gedberg also provided a commentary.

“I love games where you can influence your adventure, games where you influence the world of the game. That’s the strength of games, what sets them apart from movies,” says Harbour.

Hedberg notes that during the development, special attention was paid to the estate where the game takes place. The estate is an important part of the game’s plot, and the developers treated it properly.

First, the player will be able to choose a character. The game will have a lot of development options, the decisions in which will influence the further course of events.

Alone in the Dark will be released on March 20 on PC, Xbox Series, and PS5.