Р. Lance Hill, the screenwriter of the original 1989 movie Road House, has filed a lawsuit against Amazon. He accuses the company of copyright infringement and the use of AI in the 2024 remake, writes Los Angeles Times.

In 2021, Hill wanted to regain his copyright by filing an application with the US Copyright Office. But Amazon ignored his request and continued working on the remake.

Another point of accusation is the use of artificial intelligence to recreate the voices of actors during the SAG-AFTRA strike in order to complete the remake before the copyright agreement expires.

An anonymous person involved in the film said that studio executives ordered the removal of any elements created with the help of AI from the final version.

Р. Lance Hill demands a complete ban on any distribution of the movie. Amazon denies all allegations and is ready to defend itself in court.

The movie Road House starring Jake Gyllenhaal is set to premiere on Prime Video on March 21.