Starting February 28, NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service will show two-minute ad units to free users, reports The Verge.

Currently, the free tier often involves waiting in a queue before setting up a 60-minute game session. But from now on, users will be shown ads during this wait.

“It’s only 2 minutes,” says NVIDIA spokesperson Stephanie Ngo, “Advertising is to help pay for the free tier of service and we expect this change to reduce the average wait time for free users over time.

The ad-free Priority package costs €10.99 per month. The Priority plan does not require waiting before starting a gaming session and offers a 6-hour gaming session at 1080p/60fps with RTX available.

There is also the Ultimate package, which costs €21.99 per month and offers an 8-hour gaming session in 4K/120fps on a GeForce RTX 4080. Ultimate is currently unavailable due to server space constraints.