Developer Roni Bandini faced a problem that many people are familiar with: his neighbors were listening to music loudly. But instead of talking to them, he used a Raspberry Pi and artificial intelligence, writes Tom’s Hardware.

According to Roni, his neighbors were playing reggaeton music on a Bluetooth speaker every morning at 9 a.m., and he had two options: talk to them or create an AI-powered device that could solve the problem.

Using a Raspberry Pi computer and artificial intelligence, Roni created an experimental project called Reggaeton Be Gone. It detected when reggaeton was playing and created interference that distorted the sound for nearby wireless speakers.

To do this, he used a Pi 3 B+ connected to the DFRobot’s OLED display. He tracked the music using a USB microphone. To identify the music, Roni used the Edge Impulse artificial intelligence system.

Roni shared the full details of the project on Hackster, where he talked about all the hardware and software he used for the device. He also warned that before trying this at home, it is worth checking whether the law prohibits such activity.