Pentiment, a former Xbox exclusive from Obsidian Software, is a twisted detective story in the visual style of medieval prints. The game was made available on competing platforms, and players noticed that it works better on Sony’s console, Eurogamer reports.

On PS5, Pentiment runs at a stable 120 fps, while on Xbox, the native platform for which the game was developed, it runs at only 60 fps.

Josh Sawyer, director of the Pentiment development studio, responded to this. He assured players that it was a technical error and that 120 fps would be available in the Xbox version of the game in the next patch.

Pentiment is not the only Xbox game that is moving from Microsoft’s platform to PlayStation. Grounded – also from Obsidian – will be released on Playstation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch on April 16.

In addition, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will also be released on PS5 later this year. Hi-Fi Rush is expected on March 19, Sea of Thieves – on April 30.