It seems that none of the multiplayer releases of recent years have been spared from online problems. The action/RPG Last Epoch, which is called an alternative to Diablo and was created by true fans of the genre, is no exception.

Ever since the release of Last Epoch 1.0 on February 21, 2024, the game has been plagued by server issues. Last Epoch is almost unplayable in online mode, where the transition between locations can take 2-5 minutes or not at all. Moreover, sometimes even the Offline mode does not load, and only the so-called Full Offline mode works, which must be downloaded separately. Accordingly, no cosmetics are displayed in any offline mode.

Last Epoch

It’s no surprise that the game’s ratings on Steam began to fall rapidly. In a few days, the positive 87/100 was replaced by a mixed 69/100, and if we take the reviews for the last 30 days, which is more than 50% of the reviews, the situation looks even worse – 59/100. Players are massively demanding refunds.

Defenders of the developers from Eleventh Hour Games say that they were not prepared for such an influx of users, as Last Epoch’s online audience averages 150 thousand players, and at its peak the game gathered 264 thousand players over the weekend. But… as players note, problems with the servers arose in the Early Access in March 2023 and have not been resolved in a year.