Samsung introduces a new fitness tracker Galaxy Fit31, equipped with advanced health monitoring technologies.

The Galaxy Fit3 is 45% wider than the previous model, has an aluminum body and a 1.6-inch display. The company also claims that the tracker can work up to 13 days on a single charge. In addition, it is water and dust resistant to 5ATM and IP68 standards.

Samsung presents Galaxy Fit3 fitness tracker

The device monitors sleep patterns, can detect snoring, and will monitor blood oxygen levels. The device will provide users with personalized sleep recommendations to help them better understand what is happening in their sleep and make positive changes.

Throughout the day, Galaxy Fit3 allows you to monitor your daily activities. You can track more than 100 types of workouts and easily view your results. In addition, Galaxy Fit3 provides users with an in-depth understanding of their overall health, including heart rate, stress levels, and cycle tracking.

Samsung presents Galaxy Fit3 fitness tracker

To provide users with reliable protection, Galaxy Fit3 has several safety features, such as fall detection and SOS emergency call. In case of a fall, the device will prompt you to call the emergency service. If the user is in an emergency situation, they can send an SOS signal by pressing the side button five times.

The tracker can be used as a remote control for your smartphone camera, as well as to play and manage media files on a connected device.

Each user will also be able to personalize their tracker for themselves and make it more stylish with the help of a dial, of which there are more than 100, and various straps.

For uninterrupted operation when users don’t want to be disturbed, they can automatically synchronize modes between the tracker and a connected smartphone. If the smartphone is lost, the Find My Phone feature will help you find the lost device.

Galaxy Fit3 will be available in Ukraine starting February 23 in three colors: dark gray, silver, and rose gold. The recommended price is 2299 UAH.