True car enthusiasts know Zagato for its roof design with “double bubbles” over the driver’s and passenger’s heads. However, with the new AGTZ Twin Tail, the company decided to create a… double tail!

After all, the history of AGTZ Twin Tail goes back to the 1960s, when there was actually a car that had two versions of the rear body. We are talking about the Alpine A220 racing coupe, which was originally built for the Le Mans race, where aerodynamics is important – so usually such cars get a “long tail”. However, over time, the sports coupe was repurposed for other races that required a shorter length: the Alpine A220 lost its 30-centimeter tail.

The new AGTZ Twin Tail car follows this strange legend. Moreover, it imitates, starting from the very beginning – in the form of a modern coupe Alpine A110. However, the list of changes made by Zagato is really impressive. The AGTZ Twin Tail coupe has actually received a new body: headlights and nose, window and roof lines, and wheel rims. And of course, the original elongated tail that can be removed.

The description of the AGTZ Twin Tail coupe tells a lot of interesting things about the design and legend of the 1960s, but never mentions technical changes. Therefore, we can assume that the AGTZ Twin Tail has the same technology as the modern Alpine A110: a 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine (250-300 hp depending on the version), a robotic 7-speed transmission, and rear-wheel drive.

The production volumes of the AGTZ Twin Tail correspond to its exclusive status – only 19 copies are planned. The price is also appropriate – from 650 thousand euros.