AMD and Microsoft are working to enable the MCDM driver model on Ryzen 8040 series mobile processors with NPU support.

This will allow Windows 11 users to monitor AMD’s NPU load directly from the Task Manager.

“Being able to track how resources are allocated in real-time and which system components are under load is useful for monitoring application behavior. This kind of tracking is particularly important in notebooks where end users may choose to maximize battery life by controlling where certain workloads run or adjusting global power settings either via the Windows Settings menu or in an OEM-provided application,” AMD wrote in a press release.

Neural processors are used to accelerate neural network operations and artificial intelligence tasks. Such a processor can increase battery life by offloading artificial intelligence tasks that would otherwise be performed on the CPU or GPU.

MCDM allows the neural processor to leverage the existing CPU device management infrastructure, including power and memory scheduling and management.