The Ukrainian horror game Level Zero becomes the Extraction shooter Level Zero: Extraction

The Ukrainian asymmetrical PvP game about scientists and alien monsters Level Zero, announced in late 2022, has changed its name and concept. Now the game is called Level Zero: Extraction and it is a PvPvPvE Extraction shooter with horror elements. Let us recall the words of Sergiy Galyonkin: “Name any big company – they make Extraction Shooter”.

The game has been moved to Earth, and instead of defenseless scientists, we now have several mercenary teams that have to extract important information about alien monsters from a base in the Antarctic. The monsters themselves have not disappeared, but the players now have real weapons, not just all sorts of improvised tools and light. So now it’s almost like Aliens, but with several teams (3 teams of 3 fighters) trying to survive and compete with each other.

The shooter Level Zero: Extraction has already reached the beta stage. Closed beta testing of the game is scheduled for March 15-18, 2024. You can request access to the beta on the game’s Steam page.

Level Zero: Extraction is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and is due to be released on Steam Early Access in 2024. The release on consoles is scheduled for later.

The studio DogHowl Games, which is developing Level Zero: Extraction, was founded by Ukrainian specialists in February 2022 in Cyprus. The employees of the new studio previously worked for such companies as Gameloft (Kharkiv), Room 8 Studio (Kyiv), Twin Win Games (Kyiv), AB Games (Kyiv), Wargaming (Kyiv), etc. A part of the team remains in Ukraine, the rest is scattered across European countries.